Free ultrasound

An unwanted pregnancy can be
shocking and confusing

An unwanted pregnancy can be shocking and confusing

You may be looking for information about abortion options, the abortion pill, abortion costs, or abortion clinics. First, confirm your positive pregnancy test with an ultrasound. Learn if your pregnancy is at risk for miscarriage. Eyewitness for Life in Milwaukee offers FREE ultrasounds.

Why ultrasound?

An unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult situation. A positive pregnancy test does not guarantee that you are carrying a “viable” pregnancy (that is a pregnancy that will continue to develop.)

During the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, miscarriages can occur anywhere from 10-25% of the time. (American Pregnancy Association)

An ultrasound:

  • Confirms that you are pregnant
  • Determines viability
  • Checks for a fetus within the uterus
  • Checks for a heartbeat
  • Provides information about the baby’s development

An ultrasound is often required by an abortion center or by state law. There may be a charge for that.

Eyewitness for Life ultrasounds are FREE and are provided by registered sonographers. You can trust the results of your ultrasound.

Our ultrasounds are:





100% Free

During an ultrasound, a small painless transducer (probe) captures images either externally or internally. The high-frequency sound waves are translated into a pattern of light and dark areas creating an image of the baby on a monitor for you to see.

Many women find that after their ultrasound, their fears are reduced and they feel empowered to make the best decision for themselves and the baby.

An appointment at Eyewitness for Life also gives you the opportunity to ask questions in a judgment-free environment and to get more information about how to approach your pregnancy. You are welcome to bring a support person with you!

You might not be considering an abortion. But other people in your life may have suggested it. The father of the baby, your mom or dad, your grandmother or a friend may be wanting you to abort. Feel free to bring them with you to your ultrasound. If they aren’t available, we will provide you with pictures and a DVD of your ultrasound that you can share with them.

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There are no known harmful biological effects from diagnostic ultrasound. Ultrasounds are part of routine prenatal care.

Eyewitness for Life ultrasounds are FREE.

Life in the womb is so hidden that it is hard to envision. But with ultrasound, as early as five weeks after conception, the heartbeat can be identified and by ten weeks, the baby is very active in the womb. Through ultrasound, (a window to the womb!) you can watch jumping, turning, yawning, hiccupping and thumb sucking. Once you have seen your ultrasound, many of your doubts and fears about pregnancy may be eased