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I'm Pregnant... What's Next?

I'm Pregnant... What's Next?

An unwanted pregnancy can be shocking and confusing. You may be looking for information about abortion options, the abortion procedure, the abortion pill, abortion costs, or abortion clinics. Or maybe you are struggling with decisions about adoption or parenting yourself. The choice you make for your unplanned pregnancy will affect you for the rest of your life.

Eyewitness for Life in Milwaukee offers FREE ultrasounds.

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Often women have misinformation or may be experiencing pressure from others about what to do about their unexpected pregnancy. We can answer your questions about pregnancy and abortion alternatives in a compassionate, relaxed setting. Our caring staff is here for you. Every pregnancy story is unique. We can discuss your personal situation away from the confusion of opposing pro choice and pro life arguments. Make sure you have the facts about your pregnancy by having an ultrasound before making a permanent decision.

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"Everyone should come here before deciding about abortion. This place is so great!"

- Monique